Centorr Vacuum Industries manufactures a line of custom-built vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace equipment that can be customized to a customer’s individual needs. We start with a thorough understanding of your processes and furnacing requirements, and then design a system that best fits your requirements.

With over 80 years of combined furnace-building experience between the Centorr ‘laboratory furnace’ design group and the Vacuum Industries ‘production size’ equipment engineers, we are uniquely suited to offer custom-designed equipment for your individual processes, unique furnace sizes, and custom controls requirements.

Please see the links below to see the variety of options possible available:

Custom Processes

From complicated processes involving flammable gases, to traditional heat treat and brazing furnaces, to unique debind and sintering furnaces, Centorr has developed over 65 different product lines to customize a furnace for your specific application.

We have experience with over 300 different types of binders and can provide a variety of trapping, condensation, and thermal destruction options for difficult binder-removal applications. If you need to flow hazardous gases such as Methyltrichlorosilane (MTS), Chlorine, or even 100% Hydrogen, CVI has designed a system to safety process materials in these environments.

Our experience in heat treating, sintering, purification, vapor deposition and infiltration mean that we can borrow from several different furnacing technologies to develop a furnace design that will match your desired process specifications.

Custom processes can range from:

  • Temperature: -250°C to 3000°C
  • Pressure: 1 x 10-9 to 100 Bar (1500 psig)
  • Quench Capabilities: Loads from a few grams to 10,000kgs
  • Gas Management Systems: H2, Ar, N2, C3H8, CH4, DA, He, Cl, SiF4, MTS, Air, & Others
  • Effluent Control Containment (trapping) to Destruction (thermal incineration)

Custom Sizes

Whether you require a furnace to fire parts a few grams in weight to thousands of kilograms, CVI builds Custom Size designs and loading configurations tailored to your individual load configuration.

  • Size: From 1 cubic inch (16 cu cm) to 1700 cubic feet (48 cu m).
  • Configurations:
    • Designs available in vertical top or bottom loading, as well as front loading, side-loading and clam-shell orientations.
    • Rotary table (ie – “lazy Susan”) semi-continuous furnaces, and rotary canister rotating hot zone furnaces, along with fully continuous belt and pusher furnaces also available.

Custom Controls or Kit Furnaces

Centorr Vacuum Industries can tailor the furnace control strategy to suit each customer’s needs. From traditional process controllers with PLC and chart recorders, to more advanced computer controlled designs utilizing the latest in Human Machine Interfaces.

In in many cases, Centorr can design and build and test the equipment utilizing our own in-house test stand, allowing the customer to provide their own control strategy, unique gas systems, or other refinements after delivery.